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For the improvement of agricultural cooperatives (+ Audio) .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 abril, 2021

In order to analyze deficiencies and strengths to improve the cooperative sector, representatives of these productive forms in this municipality participated this Thursday in  Pedro Betancourt municipal workshop that was held simultaneously in each territory of the province. Gathered in the municipal House of Culture and divided into four commissions, the participants agreed on actions… Continue Reading »


Veterinarians from Varadero International Airport receive the flag of Proeza Laboral .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 marzo, 2021

First time that the airport veterinary services receive the Proeza Laboral flag. Photo of the author.   In recognition of the meritorious performance during more than a year of fighting against covid-19, the members of the Veterinary Services of Animal Quarantine and International Trade Control of the Juan Gualberto Gómez airport, of this spa, received… Continue Reading »


Recovery of the Cárdenas zeopónico will culminate in April (+ audio).

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 marzo, 2021

In greeting to the 60th anniversary of the victory of Playa Girón, the total recovery of the zeopónico of  Cardenas municipality is expected. Commitment ratified by the highest governmental and partisan authorities in the last visit of the National Group of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture. According to Modesto González Acevedo, who attends this program… Continue Reading »


The Agroforestry of Matanzas does not come down from the top .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 19 marzo, 2021

Despite a 2020 economically complicated by the health crisis caused by the pandemic, Agroforestry once again deserved the category of National Vanguard. Photo by the author.    For the third consecutive year, the Matanzas Agroforestry Company (AFM) reaches the status of Vanguardia Nacional, the superior category of the Socialist Emulation deserved thanks to the excellent… Continue Reading »


«The municipality we want and need» (+ audio) .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 5 marzo, 2021

Articles 168 and 169 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba consolidate the municipalities as the local society organized by law, which constitutes the primary and fundamental political-administrative unit of the national organization. Following this premise, the Cuban vice president, Salvador Valdés Mesa, called for strengthening municipal structures based on the economic and social… Continue Reading »


Blooms in February favor beekeeping.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 27 febrero, 2021

The blooms of the romerillo and the flowering pine nut in February favored the development of beekeeping in the province. According to Lázaro Jesús Falcón Sotolongo, director of the Matanzas Apicultural Base Business Unit, 220 tons of honey were achieved in the period, exceeding this indicator. According to data from the provincial Meteorological Center, in… Continue Reading »

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