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The same dog with different collar .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 febrero, 2021

A friend told me yesterday: «This is bad.» He was referring to the movements emerged in recent times, to events such as that of San Isidro and the Ministries of Culture and Agriculture. He stressed in the bombardment that there is by social networks. What are you amazed at, was my answer, then I limited him: You have old like me to look back at the attacks he’s lived and defeated the Cuban Revolution since 1959.
Of course the dog’s collar has been changing over time and acclimatizing to historical and technological moments. I reminded him when the US stopped buying sugar to suffocate the nascent Revolution. Previous aircraft flights del Norte to burn cane fields and sugar mills. I related attacks on our fishermen and coastal areas, swine fever, the introduction of pests, among many other attacks. I pointed out the attack on Playa Girón, the October Crisis, the rebels in different regions of the country, the downing of a plane in full flight with innocents on board and other events that I have alive in my memories.
He told me about Operation Peter Pan, a coordinated maneuver between the US Government, the Catholic Church and the Cubans who were in exile, for which more than 14 thousand children were taken from Cuba to that northern country.
Yes, but the Internet is very strong, it limits me. For both sides, I say. And I continued: Today is the Internet, but yesterday it was Radio Swan, a radio station located on Swan Island, belonging to the territory of Honduras, from where the ether was bombarded to try to penetrate the mind of Cubans with false news. So that’s the fake news It is not things of now. I continued on the same path of information.
There is the failure Radio and Television Martí. See if those enemies of the Revolution don’t have a defined political platform that they name our Apostle to those media and then they pay for stateless people outrage busts of our Apostle. In conclusion, my friend, Cuba in these 60 years has been under total threat, subjected to the dogs that bark at the moon, yesterday with a less sophisticated necklace than today, but moving the tail at the same owner.

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