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Matanzas artists pay homage to the beginning of the Necessary War of 1895 .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 febrero, 2021

Emotional acts of tribute to the date of February 24 were developed in the province with the participation of artists, art instructors and fans, who manifested their patriotic spirit, in response to the national call of the Ministry of Culture.

Significant was the presentation at the headquarters of the Government Palace, of the Matanzas Chamber Choir, directed by the maestro José Antonio Méndez Valencia, when they sang the «Hymn of Bayamo» and the anthological piece «Caballo Blanco», by Alejandro García Caturla, in a meeting where arrivals were encouraged to the Union of Young Communists of that important workplace.

Likewise, a group of plastic artists, belonging to the Provincial Council of Visual Arts, painted allegorical scenes of the important fatherland date, on the portals in front of the Pedro Esquerré art gallery. Among these is a beautiful painting with the figure of the Apostle as the central theme.

To offer details of the artistic actions that took place in the territory, we interviewed Noslén González, from the Provincial Directorate of Culture: “Our bookstores went out to the parks to promote texts on the history of Cuba, in the institutions initiatives have been carried out with the artistic vanguard of the AHS and the UNEAC, with the creators and fans to give a yes for our Revolution and remember those who offered their blood and courage in defense of Cuban independence.

“We unite with the people and invite everyone to sing our National Anthem from homes and workplaces at nine o’clock in the evening in an action of reverence for our heroes. We also urge you to connect at that time to the Matancera Culture page, on Facebook, where the event held at the provincial government headquarters will be broadcast. »

It was sung with love and verses and reviews were read about the uprisings of Ibarra, in Limonar and Palmar Bonito, in Jagüey Grande, by order of the main organizer of the feat, José Martí Pérez and directed by Juan Gualberto Gómez, delegate of the Revolutionary Party Cuban on the Island with Antonio López Coloma, Martín Marrero, and other revolutionaries, which added to the most effective events in the area.


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