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Art enlightens the nation, say Matanzas artists .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 febrero, 2021

Reason to reaffirm the emblematic position in the Homeland or Death of our creators and to announce the program of actions in Matanzas for the 60th anniversary of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) to be held next August, the profitable exchange of the presidencies of the associations of this organization and the Hermanos Saíz Association with authorities of the province, headed by Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Party and Mario Sabines Lorenzo, Governor.

When delving into the statement and the concepts derived from this meeting, José Manuel Espino, president of the UNEAC Yumurina, specified: “On the part of all Matanzas artists we can confirm our rejection of the crude manipulation of art in favor of imperialist motives. It is clear that we are talking about an act of mercenarism, which limits the message to a movement so obviously manipulated by a sum of people with obvious interests, in which the link with the cultural product and the sense of Cubanness of those individuals. «

Regarding the role of artists committed to the Revolution, Espino indicated: “Culture at this moment is the center of the globalized onslaught of the power of the right, of Miami and other well-known centers.

In culture today we need a soul and a country and we cannot lose it, nor can we give this too many wings, because I consider that the vision of committed art is part of the clear positions of the true artists who accompany us, of revolutionary art and it is our greatest replica . “This type of aggression has an art response, in difficult times of pandemic, but an art that is made with the idea of human growth, of improving our country, of giving light to the nation. In no way allow it to become impoverished by events of that kind. «

In relation to the plan of activities for the 60th anniversary of the UNEAC, the also award-winning writer reported that among the main events are gatherings, opinion tables, a print with tribute poems to the 60th anniversary of the victory of Playa Girón.

The program is completed by the broadcast in a concert of a song by Tony Ávila, entitled «Las Cubas», about contemporaneity and the way of seeing our Island, a central gala at the Sauto theater, as well as promoting the founders and first members of the organization.


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