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The magic that lives in doing things well .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 febrero, 2021

Two decades as a waitress at the Iberostar Bella Costa hotel taught Miriam González Verde the magic that lives in doing things well. True to this concept, inch by inch he leaves the floor very clean in the intermediate therapy of the Yumurino pediatric hospital.
For her there are no differences between the five-star room of a hotel in Varadero and the room of the Eliseo Noel Caamaño hospital. I always clean with the same care, no matter where I am. My thing is to put love to things, if not, I don’t, she confesses. Miriam González is just one of the hundreds of men and women from Varadero whom the Covid-19 separated from their daily work life, a pandemic that has come to change everything, to take away a lot, to deprive us of what we Cubans do best, give love.
After five months without working, in January she found herself again as a chambermaid cleaning where the guests are sick children and not tourists, a reality she tries to overcome, because sometimes her heart, her heart, gets oppressed.

I suffer a lot for the child in a terminal illness. It has been there for six months and it has slowly faded, that hurts and leaves me doing nothing and that is sad. It’s the worst thing about working in this room, where pain also lodges, he says. Both that she was unemployed and now relocated, she appreciates the attention of the union and the management of the Bella Costa hotel, for caring about her and providing her with the means of protection that protect her from getting sick.
Despite knowing herself useful in a very different place than where she had built her entire life, Miriam González misses that typical hustle and bustle of a day in any hotel in Varadero, where no one doubts it, she works hard, very hard, reiterates and smiles. The experienced waitress now has her mind fixed on the end of the pandemic, a health crisis that also teaches the value of employment as a guarantor of life.
She firmly believes that despite the bad news of the new coronavirus, what happened to the workforce helped make jobs more respected, loved and valued. Along with this expected qualitative performance, Miriam believes that in Varadero they deserve a better salary, because we continue to receive a very poor salary for how much we work and to this must be added the considerable increase in payments for the dining room and workers’ transport, a discount that when they are made effective, they leave the salary very thin.
That is why he advocates that the reality of Varadero employees be studied so that they take into account that not always there are access to profits and payments are made according to the individual contribution and the quality of the provision of services, remuneration approved to be distributed every three months.
While everything returns to normal and Varadero revives, Miriam is busy in the intermediate therapy room of the Matanzas pediatric hospital and dreams of the Iberostar Bella Costa, of returning to her daily work, where she has cultivated friendships from many countries, especially from Canada. I dream that things will improve soon, that many visitors arrive and that the economy of the country and ours will improve. That is my wish, she confesses.

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