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News of the Register of Cultural Assets in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 enero, 2021

“As the foundation of the identity and sovereignty of the nation”, the existence of the Registry of Cultural Assets is described, which in Matanzas performs a remarkable work due to its ability to preserve Cuban heritage. Located in Contreras between City Hall and Jovellanos, on the grounds of the Museum of Art, it has the mission of registering and inventorying furniture or buildings of special relevance, belonging to natural or legal persons.

To learn about the operation of this important cultural center, we interviewed its director Maritza Cuba Díaz, who pointed out: “One of the steps that determine the Registry is to carry out the inventory of cultural and movable property in the power of private, state and museum owners, who have books apart from registration. We are an institution subordinate to the provincial Center for Cultural Heritage and, in turn, to the Directorate of Culture. «

Regarding the mechanisms for the export of these goods, what is the role of the registry? “Export authorization to people who require it and are going to leave the country, as long as the works are not part of the national heritage. Permits are also granted to artists who go to fairs or exhibitions.

“There are people who keep the property documents for objects that are years old. It is authorized to export those that people have brought with their original invoices, but if it is something exclusive to the country, if it is a unique piece, it cannot be exported, although it is not confiscated either.

» Regarding the extension of the registration and the procedures in areas of the Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, it was learned that … “If the tourist arrives undocumented with works purchased at fairs, which due to the haste could not be sealed, the export process with quality is facilitated there, in the case of painting.

If it is another good such as decorative arts or furniture, they require other services. Regarding coin or philatelic collections, they require a permit from the National Bank of Cuba or the Numismatic Museum and they must come to the Registry previously to inquire how to proceed. We work from Monday to Friday during the working hours of the country. » It is worth mentioning that with the Ordinance task the provincial Register of Cultural Assets changes its rates for the personnel requesting its services.

Agreement No. 166/2020

The Provincial Council after analyzing the price proposal presented by the Provincial Directorate of Finance and Prices agreed to approve the prices for the Services of the Provincial Register of Cultural Assets belonging to the Provincial Center for Cultural Heritage as follows:

                                              Generic Approved Price Export Certificates

                                * From 1 to 5 pieces per author Visual Arts 240.00

Painting and Drawing 240.00

Prints 240.00

Sculpture 240.00

                                              * From 1 to 5 pieces per manifestation

Documents 240.00

Photographs 240.00

Miscellaneous 240.00

                                                     * By Export Certificate Regime

Change 240.00

                                              * From 1 to 4 pieces per event

Decorative Arts 600.00

Ethnology 600.00

Weapons 600.00

Musical Instruments 600.00

                                      * For 1 piece or several pieces 

Export Certificate of 600.00 relevant works complex opinion

                                                            * Up to 50 units of pieces

Set: 720.00

Books, glasses, postcards, buttons, albums, etc.

Artistic creators traveling 10.00 carrying his work

Emergency Services 30.00

Export Certificate of artists who travel with their work Emergency Services Export Certificate 120.00 of Cuban natural persons or foreign Generic Services New Price Export Authorization Export Authorization of paint of 12.00

Export Authorization of paint from measuring more than 1200 cm2 48.00

Export Authorization of paint of 72.00 fans (Airport Extension) measuring more than 150 cm2 Galleries Measure up to 1200 cm2 12.00

Measurement greater than 1200 cm2 48.00

Matanzas Art Museum.


Upon delving into this issue, we accessed Decree No. 118 on the Regulations for the Execution of the Heritage Protection Law, which specifies the assets, movable and immovable that make up the heritage, such as documents and other assets related to history, including those of science and technology, as well as the lives of the forgers of nationality and independence, leaders and outstanding personalities, and with events of national and international importance; rare species and specimens or type specimens of flora and fauna; collections or objects of scientific interest; the product of archaeological excavations and discoveries; and the elements coming from the dismemberment of artistic or historical monuments and archaeological sites.

Goods of artistic interest are included, such as original plastic and decorative arts, applied arts and popular art; ethnological or folkloric objects and documents; rare manuscripts, incunabula, and other books, documents, and publications of special interest; archives, including photographic, phonographic and cinematographic; maps and other cartographic materials, original or printed scores, editions of special interest and sound recordings; objects of numismatic and philatelic interest, including tax stamps and other similar ones, singly or in collections; and ethnographic objects and musical instruments. For this reason, it has been essential to declare the Cultural Heritage of the Cuban Nation the work of numerous personalities of the Island.


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