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Villanueva Day begins in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 enero, 2021

The inaugural activity of the Villanueva Day in Matanzas took place at a press conference at the Casa de la Memoria Escénica, where the main actions that will take place until January 28th in progress and the presentation of the digital book Three decades on the proscenium were highlighted , catalog of the Provincial Council of Performing Arts, exclusive in the country to date.

The hosts of the conference, Ulises Rodríguez Febles and María Antonia Simeón, offered details of what is considered a tribute to the Cuban Theater Day, when on January 22nd, 1869 its stages were forever committed to the destiny of the nation.

Among the special proposals are the panel 25 years of an Altarpiece, in the Luz space; the exhibition Images of a Generation, in commemoration of the ISA graduation in 1981, from which the actresses Fara Madrigal, Mercedes Fernández and Nancy González del Pino emerged, plus the actors Francisco Rodríguez, René Money, Adrián Morales, Juven Núñez and Armando Tomey , among others; the exhibition dedicated to El Portazo theater and the opening of a new piece for the Cuban dramaturgy sculpture museum, inspired by the work Hierro, by Carlos Celdrán, in evocation of our National Hero José Martí on the occasion of his birth.

The writer Norge Céspedes was in charge of the presentation of the notebook digitized by Ediciones Matanzas and conceived by him together with Ulises Rodríguez, in a project that spanned more than a year of research, the result of which is valued as an exceptional and unique work in the field National Theater of Performing Arts.

When referring to this important book, Céspedes said: “It is an instrument that allows us to know in depth the Matanzas theater movement and its great contemporary wealth. It has promotional, informative and historical perspectives, by offering the histrionic trajectory from the 60s, at the dawn of the Revolution, to the present day in the Athens of Cuba.

“It has several sections: a preamble by Rene Fernández with a poetic and intimate vision that brings light to the value of Matanzas theater and then the prologue by Ulises that illustrates the evolution of this event and incorporates reviews of the groups, directors, designers , visual artists, the institutions that exalt it and the exact historical dates that mark the rise of the Provincial Council, its directors and executives. «

For his part, the teacher René Fernández, National Theater Award and director of Papalote, expressed about the catalog: “There is a lot of respect and veneration for all this culture, for our central figures. I think that in Cuba this is unique in terms of history, promotion and tribute to who we are and to our language. The catalog dignifies our voice in the country.

We have words and concepts to debate and evaluate actions that are carried out in the national framework and that concern us. There has been a root, which remains at the forefront of these groups and institutions that receive the theatrical and ethical legacy of the founders. I congratulate the creators and promoters of this project. » Likewise, actress Miriam Muñoz, director of Teatro Icarón stated:

“Man does not fulfill himself alone, he can aspire to the Sun, but he needs what surrounds him and there must be thinking heads that guide his path. I have lived through the good and bad phases of the cultural world, surviving before the enemies and I declare that, in these last years, in such difficult times, I have felt protected. This catalog is a gift for the Matanzas theater movement.

» Present at the press conference were the top leaders of the artistic sector in the province, directors of the groups and a large group of journalists and photographers who responded to the call.



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