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Haydée, light, song and cubanness.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 diciembre, 2020

Another December 30th  arrives and Haydée returns again, from the mountains or the plains. And we see her in Havana among a group of fearless young people, determined to risk everything in the face of injustice.

Haydée Santamaría Cuadrado would turn 97 years old and the people still remember her full of life in the actions of that July 26th , 1953, from the Saturnino Lora Civil Hospital, where she supported Dr. Mario Muñoz as a nurse and cured the wounded, even if they were from the enemy army.

Cuba sees her steadfast in the face of threats and imagines the heartrending cry of her soul when she was shown one of her brother’s eyes or the parts of her boyfriend’s mutilated body. Then those terrible tortures only managed to extract a phrase from him, convinced that dying for the Homeland is living.

The same unshakable woman also remains behind each page of La Historia me Absolverá, the defense statement written with lemon juice by Fidel that, as he managed to get out of prison, he had to collect and organize together with Melba Hernández and Lidia Castro.

Haydée crosses the hills again to guide New York Times journalist Herbert Matthews into the presence of the revolutionary leader, determined to deny the news that Fidel had died. He went into exile to gather forces and obtain weapons in pursuit of the triumph over the Batista terror.


For a cultured people he works tirelessly, first from the Ministry of Education, then in front of the Casa de las Américas, where he also sponsors the Nueva Trova. He worries about the insurrectional struggle on the continent and talks about solidarity, cooperation and freedom. Thus, time passes, it is eternalized in light, verse and song, Haydée Santamaría multiplies in thousands of fiery faces, because as Fidel Castro himself said, the name of Cuban women was never placed in such a high place of heroism and dignity .


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