13 June, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

” The artists are responsible for the present and future of the nation”

The statement belongs to Rubén Darío Salazar Taquechel, Theater Prize 2020, exposed in a rapture of sincerity before an audience waiting for the announcement of its promised premiere, within the framework of the celebrations for the National Culture Day.

“We creators who dedicate our art to the family are committed to communicating to children that there are values, that there is an illusion linked to the human being, which cannot be dislodged by the digital universe”, indicates the director of the Guiñol Nacional y from the Teatro de Las Estaciones group from Matanzas.

Acting in the present and the future of Cubans will correspond to their connection to the national culture, to the identity that adorns and characterizes us. And the ideas spring from this intellectual, motivated by the day dedicated to October 20,th a date that enthrons the love for our Anthem and the libertarian yearnings of this mixture of humans who put the Homeland as “plow and not pedestal”, by perpetuating the Marti ideology.

Digitization, virtuality, everything global that currently supports us to live is concerned. They are promoting, promoting a different way of life than years ago. It is nothing that matters, other than buying, eating, enjoying and all wrapped up in cynicism, impudence, and vulgarity that induces a lack of commitment that proliferates as a seal of life, but… ”

At that time, Rubén Darío takes up the concept of the role of the Cuban intelligentsia when he expresses:

It is not just with the children. Artists have a duty, in the midst of this world in which we live, to abate banality and disinterest because if we give in to their cries, tomorrow we will not have doctors, engineers, or poets.

I start from this opinion to recognize how from the altarpiece, the workshop or the stage, with songs, verses and dances, with paintings and images, the present and the future of Cuba are cemented. Life will always be beautiful. ”

And then he talks about his new work “Dreaming with open eyes”, a performance concert, staged from this Sunday 18 until the beginning of November, at the Pelusín del Monte Cultural Center, the last premiere of the year at Teatro de las Estaciones, although not the last show, as the exceptional artist augurs that the end of the year will be one of intense work.