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Dr. Francisco Duran, Covid19 update , April 16,

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 abril, 2020

Minute 00

Good morning to you, good morning to all who follow us

As usual, we are going to do the international update and, more importantly, the national one. As of 12 midnight today, there were 182 countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19, 1,948,511 confirmed cases,
which means that 75,246 cases were diagnosed in a single day. It’s not going down.

These are figures that have been maintained and we would all like to hear that they are decreasing, but unfortunately this is not happening. And what’s worse, 7112 deaths in a single day and now for a
125,966 deaths.That gives us a 6.5 5% fatality rate, higher than we had yesterday

Turning to the region of the Americas, 710,601 confirmed cases were reported, 34,485 in one day. 36.4% of the world’s reported cases are in the Americas region.

There were a total of 30,308 deaths, 2894 deaths, almost 3000 more in a single day for a rate of 4.27%.

Turning now to the domestic situation, On the day, 35 travelers were received, 23 Cuban residents and 12 foreigners, who are crew members and one diplomat accredited in Cuba. There were no departures from the
country as on the previous day and a total of 12,336 people remain in Cuba, of which 5277 are foreigners and 7059 are emigrants, practically the same number as yesterday.

964 foreigners remain in rental houses, there are also very few changes. They are in Santiago de Cuba, and in the municipalities of Plaza, Centro Habana and Playa in the province of Havana.

There are 2,629 patients admitted to our hospitals, 246 under surveillance, 1,722 suspects, 662 confirmed, and in the primary health care surveillance there are 5960 people who are monitored daily by
health personnel.

To determine the presence of the virus in patient samples, 1386 cases were studied yesterday. The IPK laboratory was in charge of the largest number 644, Villa Clara with 210, Havana with 211, Santiago de
Cuba with 286 and the civil defense laboratory, which had damage yesterday to two equipment, it only processed 35 samples.

Yesterday a new lab was added. It is the molecular biology laboratory of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, which as it was its first day and was in a process of implementation, it processed a total of 22 samples, but today it is already processing more.

All of this is done looking for the screening of more and more population, looking for more infected people, especially those who are asymptomatic in risk groups and, naturally, for that, the more
laboratory we have working, the better because, in a short period of time, after there has been an evolution of four to five days, we can rule out who can have the virus and who cannot, and that leads to a group of actions, and restrictions.

As a result of the study of those 1386 samples, 48 cases were diagnosed, 48 more people in our country were confirmed to have the virus. That gives us an accumulated of 862 people already confirmed
with COVID19 and a total of 21,934 people studied in our country.

As of yesterday, these 48 confirmed cases were all Cuban, 31 were contacts of confirmed or suspected cases and the source of infection is being investigated for 17 cases. Every day we give the figure of
cases whose source of infection is not identified, which might seem a little high, but we have already events of local transmission in some places.

This morning I was asked if there might be a possibility that some of these cases whose source of infection is not identified , might be caused by a contacting an asymptomatic patient.

This is feasible. But still, it is difficult to state that those infections were caused by asymptomatic patients. The internationally experience ratifies that people start spreading the virus before the
symptoms start,. So there is no doubt that some of people who are in the community are infected this way

In any case, what we are trying to do is to know where we have to isolate, to know where we have to establish the control of an outbreak as such.

Of the 48 diagnosed cases, 27 are female, 56.2%, which is a little higher today than yesterday, but it fluctuates more or less like that.

Of the newly identified cases, 47.9% are asymptomatic, that is, 23 of the 48 confirmed cases had no symptoms of the disease. I repeat this because it reaffirms what I have been saying and the importance of the population taking care of itself and the best way to take care of itself is not to move from its home unless it is extremely important.

The most affected age groups are those between 40 and 60 years of age, and those over 60, with 16 cases each and a percentage of 33.3 % respectively. These are the most affected groups. And the province and
municipalities where these 48 confirmed cases are from Havana 23 the number is still the province with the most cases reported. Minute 8 05.

Minute 9:16

Of the 862 cases that have been confirmed since we began to study the disease, 646 show a stable clinical evolution. There are already 27 deaths, yesterday three more were reported, two evacuated and already 171 have been discharged, yesterday 21 were discharged, this is also something important, There are already 171 discharges in the country. People who have been infected, who have had the disease and with the care and treatment they have recovered and have been discharged.

Patients in critical condition are increased by two more today, starting a total of 10 and in serious condition we have six today, oneless. Minute 10.24

12 07

Of the three deceased we have to inform the 84-year-old Cuban patient who was admitted to the Villa Clara military hospital. He had a history of ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism and neuropathy. He had been in the intensive care ward for 12 days and the complications he presented led to his unfortunate death.

The other fatality was that of a 58-year-old Cuban citizen from Havana who had a history of cirrhosis of the liver, a rather severe disease and chronic lymphangitis. He was admitted to the intensive
care unit of the Salvador Allende Hospital and evolved with a serious condition, for which he also died.

This case was admitted because of his cirrhosis and lymphangitis, the causes of which he was admitted. However, during his stay for these pathologies he presented a respiratory condition, and as established
in our protocols, he was studied for COVID 19 and he tested positive

The third deceased is a 73-year-old Cuban citizen from Havana with a history of heart failure, diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure leading to permanent hemodialysis treatment. For that reason, she was
admitted to the Ameijerias Hospital, then continued her hemodialysis at the Calixto García and unfortunately she had an event of congestive heart failure. She was also diagnosed as positive for
COVID19. 15¬ 25

Radio Juvenil 21 10

What priority is given to medical and paramedical personnel in the country so as not to expose their health and that of the people, taking into account the current shortages.

Any person can realize that the most exposed personnel within the population is the health personnel, because they attend directly topatients that are suspicious, that are confirmed, that are contacts.
And they are also exposed to people that do not have symptoms at all, that do not have an evidence of the disease, that may be at any health care unit.

In this sense, in all of our healthcare units the staff has been provided with protection gear. The gear changes from one area to the other, it is not the same gear in Emergency Rooms, than the one given
to someone working at a reception of these facilities, or in a normal ward, or one working at a respiratory disease ward which has other characteristics, not to mention the means of personal protection required for a ward where there are confirmed and suspected patients of COVID19.

Each position takes special kind of gear, it is established what the person wears, and for each of these things the basics are the masks, the face masks. They change, the mask used at the laboratory is not
the same s the one used by staff working with confirmed patients, the known N95 mask, or the one that is used in other places. The gloves change, the gown, the cap, the goggles change.

In spite of the blockade, which also affects the procurement of these gear, some countries have products of these to send them and the blockade does not allow them to do so, but we are receiving these
products, our textile industry is also making some of these products with very good quality in such a way that we can guarantee for now and for the moment when the peak of the disease comes , to be able to
guarantee protection to our health workers, the most exposed among our population. 2440

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