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Ready the machinery in Calimete to start the next sugar harvest.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 18 diciembre, 2019

The Base Business Unit -UEB- Jesús Rabí, of attention to producers, is ready to start the sugar harvest 2019-2020.

During the repair period, from June the 1st to last November 30th, the mechanics group, together with the operators, was given the task of recovering rollers and conveyors, among other parts necessary for the harvesters. These actions allowed guaranteeing this stage successfully.

To undertake the contest, two cutting fronts were organized, integrated by the same number of platoons each, with two work shifts and a checkpoint operator.

There are seven Kasse harvesting machines, eleven tractors with 22 tilters for the movement of the cane and another four with water pipes for the service of the platoons and fire protection.

As part of the attention to man, the unit has two carts for dining and the necessary resources for food.

The technician of the new technology in the UEB, Lázaro Izquierdo León, explained that the technical assistance will be guaranteed with three mobile workshops, plus the support of the machining and recovery of parts. He added that the cut will begin with the Dagoberto Rojas and Alexander Stamboliiski Agricultural Production Cooperatives this December. The commitment is to deliver to the sugar industry Jesús Rabí three thousand 700 t of cane daily.



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