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Melisa Blanco, first woman to narrate baseball in National Series.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 16 agosto, 2019

Along with the main surprises experienced in the field at the beginning of the current National Baseball Series, we must include the original fact in these classics that the 21-year-old Melisa Blanco Déniz gave us, when narrating on Radio 26 one of the meetings between Camaguey and Matanzas.

On Thursday, August 15th, after commenting on the first part of the initial clash of a double day, his drummer, Dayron Medina gave him the microphones to enter the history of Cuban sports narration, describing the final part of the game , staged at the Victoria de Girón stadium.

Melisa, a member of the Matanzas radio sports group for almost two years, in which she performs functions from the field with interviews and comments, successfully passed her litmus test as a storyteller to show that Cuban women also know about baseball and You can perform these functions, on gender equality.

At the end of the game, the last year student of the journalism career at the University of Matanzas said to this site: “It was a dream I had since I was little, I could not let my nerves betray me. I think that listening to the advice of the most experienced in Radio 26 and other professionals in the medium has been the greatest help. ”

For a few years, Cuban women ventured into radio or television as conductors of sports programs, in interviews and comments, following in the footsteps of Ms. Julita Osendi, but as narrators in official baseball championships, they have not had that opportunity. Hopefully the example of Melisa serves to open the possibility to other young people.


Leading sports commentators in America


The female presence in the sports news media of America has been widely accepted since the end of the 20th century, especially in the United States, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, as specialists in different sports, led by football, Cycling, basketball or tennis, however, remains scarce in the world of baseball, so I will refer to the most prominent in this sport.

– Carolina Guillén, one of the first in sports television in Venezuela. It belongs to ESPN. She has great knowledge and agility .


Let´s talk more  about baseball.


– Susan Waldman, English narrator and commentator, has been on the radio for several decades and broadcasts with the American legendJohn Sterling of the New York Yankees, MLB.

-Marlys Rivera, journalist, writer, field reporter, that is, those who go down to the field to do interviews. It belongs to ESPN.

-Meredith Marakovish, leading journalist and commentator for the New York Yankees of the MLB.

– Jessica Mendoza. ESPN, commentator and field reporter, baseball and softball specialist.

-Andrea Kremer. Cadena FOX, journalist who won many awards in his profession. She appears as the first woman to broadcast basketball, hockey and baseball on that chain.

– Erim Andrews. ABC and FOX, baseball and American football commentator, NFL.

-Susy Kolber. ESPN Specialist in American football and NBA basketball.

– Georgina Ruiz Sandoval. Mexican She worked for ESPN as a narrator and presenter of several sports. She collaborates in Caracol TV of Colombia.

-Carolina Padrón. Venezuelan ESPN Sports narrator of several sports.

-Kary Correa. ESPN specialist in several sports.


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