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On the beaches …, trash in the basket.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 julio, 2019

Matanzas is the city of rivers and bridges, but it is also the city of beaches, since like few in the world, its inhabitants and visitors can access them without having to travel long distances.

The nature endowed this city with places where the still and crystalline waters reach sandy or low areas where the reef allows access to the sea to enjoy the bath.

However, the grace with which nature provided the Matanzas territory requires care and conservation actions that are not always taken into account by bathers and representatives of the entities responsible for their maintenance as recreational areas.

Therefore, the birth of the Matanzas Libélulas Populares Popular Educators Network, a project that according to Magalys Menéndez Peñate, one of its members, has developed a diagnosis since 2011 with members of the Popular Beach Council to offer a recreation proposal friendly to the environment .

«Our suggestion is to keep the levels of fun, but without that social indiscipline that is appreciated when garbage is poured everywhere, the means located on the beaches are destroyed for rest and the health of our beaches is threatened».

Hence the birth in 2013 of the Campaign for a cleaner beach, from heart to heart, trash to the basket.

«The beaches are a very busy place during the summer, but there are no containers for throwing garbage into them. To respond to this in 2015 the baskets that were located in the little beach of El Bahía we made them in the community, neighbors, federated members of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution, pioneers, students, grandparents, in short, people who They want the cleaning on the beaches to be permanent.

» Panorama in which according to Magalys, three groups of fundamental actors have a decisive role.

«One of those actors is the population, we ourselves, the Matanceros, who are obliged to take care of this treasure that many yearn for in their territories; The other group is the companies and entities that offer services in the beach areas, why around the points of Artex, Caracol, Commerce and Gastronomy, you see people consuming and many waste, say plastic cups, papers, remains of food…?

«They are joined by the group responsible for establishing and installing signs that indicate the regulations on what can or cannot be done in the area. Signals alone indicate that environmental discipline is being watched. »

The realities that undermine the beauty, cleanliness and health of our beaches are those that our parents and grandparents attended and that we pretend to be there, but in good conditions, for our children and grandchildren.

That is why the commitment and the educational-persuasive will of those who join the Campaign For a cleaner beach, from heart to heart, trash to the basket.






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