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Today and tomorrow, Meteoro Exercise 2019.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 18 mayo, 2019

The program of activities that will be developed by Matanzas people during this Saturday and Sunday activities in the Meteor Exercise 2019 is based on the risk, vulnerability and risk studies (PVR) of each territory.

About how scientific knowledge is inserted in this task, Milagros Alfonso Cabrera, specialist of the provincial Meteorological Center, said.

«Science in exercises that at a given moment can become administrative, logistical and even humanitarian elements, provides vital tools, because from the studies that are carried out in the short, medium and long terms, weaknesses have been determined and riches of the different zones. »

Among the examples that can be cited, Milagros commented.

«Matanzas has been headquartered, has implemented PVR studies in intense droughts, heavy rains, floods, landslides, rural and forest fires.»

It is knowledge that provides the data required by decision makers.

«Which are the most vulnerable zones, at what moment or when can one take some measure, that is, that the immediacy of a task is given by the scientific support that has been given to each of those studies that thanks to the strengths current science are digitized and mapped.»

And as this Meteor Exercise 2019 coincides with the national week of fire protection, the Meteorology specialist pointed out:»At this time, the period most prone to the occurrence of fires, in Matanzas is carried out in conjunction with the Forestry Company, the Ranger Corps and the Fire Department, the satellite surveillance of the hot spots.

«That has allowed fires caused by weather issues to be minimized. That at the moment is a very comfortable situation for those who have to move car-bombs to the fire zones, but also, it is a guarantee for the safety of the citizens”

Hence the contribution of science to the Meteoro Exercise program, in which the town is preparing for the hurricane season in Cuba.»Today a Meteor Exercise is not conceived without the role of science.»


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