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Matanzas youth is already in Congress.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 4 abril, 2019

The convocation of the First Secretary of the Union of Young Communists Susely Morfa to the XI Congress of that organization was welcomed by Matanzas youth as a call to immediate action, to the conscious involvement in the construction of a country that inexorably requires the contribution of the new generations of Cubans.

The announcement, the highlight of a long day of festivities in honor of the anniversaries 57 of the UJC and 58 of the José Martí Pioneers Organization, was witnessed at the Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport in Matanzas whose base committee exhibits an outstanding performance not only in the ideological work, but also in the encouragement to work.

In the ceremony several members obtained the card that accredits them as militants of the structure, a condition that represents both responsibility and honor.

Later, in the property La Ignacia, in the Matanzas town of Ibarra, one of the points of the national geography where it became effective, although with many limitations, the Order of Uprising of February 24th, 1895 was concentrated about 100 students to start the symbolic march to the Monument to the Rebel Slave, scene of one of the biggest slave uprisings against the Spanish colony.

Before the departure, the Historian of the municipality of Limonar, José Ignacio Martínez, offered those present a summary of these events that, due to their importance, form part of the most glorious pages of the history of the Nation.

In the former mill of Triunvirato the First Secretary of the UJC Lázaro Yeikel Marrero communicated the exhortation to the 11th Congress, an appointment that will be developed in the bases:

«We begin a decisive stage for the present and the future of our organization, a stage that can also be decisive for the future of the country. The UJC is not an entity, we must assume it as a transversal force because wherever there is a young person we are there and young people, fortunately, have a leading role in almost all sectors and spaces.

«The Congress is a challenge to our collective intelligence, a challenge to our ability to find consensus. Cubans today are very different, but the aspiration to achieve a better country, a better future, without compromising the gains that cost so much blood, must be the key to a common language. »

On the eve a political-cultural gala was held at the government headquarters in the province where, 60 years ago, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro addressed the people of Matanzas for the first time.

In the activity were recognized for their contribution to the work of the structure the Ministry of the Interior, the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution, the Federation of Students of Secondary Education, and the Student University Federation, among others. The most outstanding municipalities for their enthusiasm and power of mobilization were Colón, Perico and Calimete.

As the First Secretary of the Union of Young Communists Susely Morfa expressed in the call to the youth conclave this is our time: «We arrived at what we are today as a society because there were those who understood that it was their time. We are heirs of a revolutionary tradition and of a Communist Party, the result of that history of efforts, talent, courage and sacrifices of thousands of Cubans and Cubans. »





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