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Eternal glory to our José Antonio Echeverría!

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 13 marzo, 2019

Apparently it will be a quiet morning, the clear sky and the clarity of the day reaffirms it, however the coming and going of uniformed youths puts a different touch. They all have the same destiny. They congregate in the park that bears the name of one of the revolutionaries who did so much in such a short time, José Antonio Echeverría Bianchi.

March 13TH , singular date for people living in Cárdenas, being in this place where the life gave birth to a young man who was imposed to the corrupt government that directed to Cuba, where he grew up with the most beautiful innocence a child lover of the sport, where he rests a president who represented with dignity the University Student Federation.

Because of Echeverría, the students return to the park every year. Due to Echeverría, the pioneers wave their scarves when Cárdenas walks. By Echeverría is that today the morning is more beautiful.

In the corner of the University of Havana 62 years ago he was shot and still wounded on his knees he continued his fight against the minions of tyranny. He knew he would die and still continued his courage by spreading himself in the place.Today 12 bullets saved point to the sky and a resounding silence covers the vault that welcomes his remains. The carmine of the black princes gives a special touch to the pantheon and the silence is sealed with a phrase, ¡Gloria Eterna to our José Antonio Echeverría!

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