13 June, 2021

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The internet service by mobile data has arrived! (+ recording).

After months of waiting and several tests, today, December 6th, 2018, Cubans will be able to access the Internet via mobile data.

In Matanzas almost 400 thousand users with active prepaid mobile lines will be able to enable this service that adds to the navigation rooms, the Nauta home and the wiffi connection areas.



Guelsys González Peña, territorial director of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) in the province, highlighted the existence of 140 radio bases, of which 51 with third-generation transmitting equipment (3G) and assured that municipalities can be accessed whenever possible. the requirements are met.

“Matanzas is the second province with the highest number of cell phones and this service represents 83 percent of the total lines.”To perform this type of navigation the user must have devices with 3G technology and operate under the frequency of 900 MHz. In addition to availability of balance on his cell phone and the APN Nauta configured.

“With this the forms of connection to Internet are extended. Prices and rates have been announced in different ways. In addition, national navigation will be enhanced, “explained Tomás Ávila Milián, head of the Commercial Department of the Territorial Directorate of ETECSA.

Recording on line…

“For this they must have a cell phone that supports 3G technology and have made use of the data network before November 26,” said Tania Velázquez Rodríguez, vice president of business and technology strategy at ETECSA, according to Cubadebate. According to the Cuban digital media, it was also detailed that people who have never accessed mobile data – and who acquire terminals able to do so from now on – will be able to register in a natural way and start using the connection after the data passes. first three days of service provision.


To be able to process data traffic, access must be enabled, which can be executed from the mobile itself by dialing * 1333 # and following the menu steps. It is also suggested to access these three portals for free http://www.etecsa.cu, https://portal.nauta.cu or http://mi.cubacel.net and validate themselves, after which a message will be sent Notification in the next 48 hours, announcing that the desired offer can already be purchased. When faced with doubts and concerns, customers can go to any of the 38 commercial units in the province of Matanzas.