13 June, 2021

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Summer Routes in tribute to Cuba independence wars

Routes coordinated by the Museo Palacio de Junco in Matanzas will become recreation options for the family during summer. And will also be tribute to the beginning of the independence wars in Cuba 150 years ago, said Olga Lidia González Monguía, who rules the institution.

Juan Gualberto Gómez, Máximo Gómez and Pedro Betancourt are within the patriots that will be tribute in the tours to museums and other important places in Matanzas, added the professor and history woman.

Something new  within the proposals will be the visit to the obelisk  that remembrance  the rising in Ibarra, community located in  Unión de Reyes municipality where on February 24th, 1895 forces under the command of Juan Gualberto Gómez answered to the order of rising expressed by the Apostol  José Martí, to begin the necessary war.

The monument to the Rebel Slave, in what was Triunvirato Sugar Cane Mill; General Betancourt Park, rivers, bridges and the recreation of Máximo Gómez´s bedroom in Independence Veterans Cárdenas Museum are other places included in the tour.

Till La Dionisia, coffee plantation in the nineteenth century, José Smith Comas Museum dedicated to sugar cane mill industry in Matanzas, and to   Sauto Theater will arrive every person interested in the activities designed to wide-opening the knowledge about local history.

Diana González, Director of the Art Museum in the so called Athens of Cuba, explain that this institution is one of the destinies of the African Route because has an exposition of more than 100 very valuable representative pieces of the continent culture that it´s also the culture of mankind.

The ones interested in these tours can go to Junco Palace, At Vigía square where the tickets for the tours are sold to low prices that are between 5 and 20 Cuban pesos depending on the destinies.

This year are commemorated 150 years of the beginning of the Independence Wars in Cuba, revolutionary process that began on October tenth, 1868 with the rising in La Demajagua protagonized  by the lawyer and patriot Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.