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Aquarium in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 6 noviembre, 2017

«Having a fish tank at home is a common hobby of the Matanceros(people from Matanzas),» says Lázaro Pajón Milián, an expert with more than 25 years of ornamental fish breeding.

According to Lázaro Pajón, who is the main organizer of the Aquarist Club and also has a radio program on Sunday morning on this subject on the radio station Radio 26, «today the aquarists from Matanzas have acquired a lot of culture about fish. , it is no longer about maintaining the typical golfish, guppies, or scalars, there is a tendency to prefer demanding species such as the tetras or the small South American cichlids, which have entered Cuba thanks to the exchange with Venezuela. «

Matanzas at the provincial level has 60 breeders, Cárdenas being the most productive municipality, above all the guppy, mollynesias and colisables viviparous, thanks to the particular conditions of its waters.

It is also significant the opening of the aquarium of the Watkin Park, where small fishes are sold at affordable prices, that invite children and adults to follow this beautiful pastime in our city.


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