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From Olympic champion to «Tarzan»

Gloria Machado León 28 junio, 2017

The history of swimming is rich in brands that at the time seemed impossible to perform. One of these occurred on July 9th, 1922 in the 100 freestyle, when a young American nationalized named Jhonny Weissmuller achieved time of 58 seconds and 6 tenths to get down for the first time of the minute at that distance.

Recently 113 years since the birth of this outstanding swimmer and film actor, who implanted no less than 67 world records.

June 2nd, 1904 was born in Timisoara, Rumania, Peter Johann Weissmüller, «Johnny». To the seven months of its family its family moves to reside in the United States, country that saw him to become a sport and cinematographic celebrity.

«Johnny» Weissmüller is undoubtedly regarded as one of the best swimmers of the 1920s and a benchmark in the history of water sports.

At the Olympic Games in Paris, 1924, he obtained five titles, including 100 and 400 meters, and the men’s 4 × 200 meter relay, all in the freestyle. In the statistical data of that Olympic appointment he appears, in addition, a bronze medal like member of the equipment of water polo of U.S.

In the following Games, Amsterdam’1928, he repeats his golden preseas in the 100 meters and in the post of 4 × 200 meters. His swimming performance culminated unbeaten. For its sports results, its name appears collected in the Hall of the Immortals of the World-wide Swimming.

In the cinema he is remembered interpreting the personage of Tarzan in 19 films that took to the fame. He may not have had the quality he taught in the pools as an actor, but moviegoers agree that others later ventured into that role, but none of them achieved Weissmuller’s popularity.

He will always be remembered as the King of the Jungle with his inseparable Boy, played by Jhonny Sheffield; His beloved Juana with the actress Mauren O’Sullivan and the unforgettable mona Chita. After a few years with psychiatric problems the death surprised him on January 20th, 1984, at age 79, a victim of heart failure, in the Mexican resort of Acapulco, Where he had his residence.


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