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The house

Gloria Machado León 23 diciembre, 2016

It’s time. Director, producer and speaker enter the studio. They know every inch of this place as if they were born here. After so many years, how not to remember the last secret of these consoles and microphones?

Only silence is heard in the cabin, the first chords of a sound appear that means much more than our ears perceive. The silence of before gives way to the magic of the radio.

57 years ago, this station became the first to be bought by the July 26th Movement and since then has been the protagonist of the most important historical events in Cuba and in Matanzas.

Precisely today, December 23erd, I wonder how many stories, personal and collective, guard these walls, how many memories of people who marked the transmissions and the life of the radio station will be impregnated in these corridors.

We can not forget our teachers, precursors of what we are today as an institution. Manolo Díaz del Castillo, Pedro Hernández Cañet, Manolo García, Evaldo Milián, Xiomara Fernández, Tani Allende, Magalis Bernal, Rafael Martín, «Pancho» Soriano, Reynaldo Navarro, Leo García and José Oquendo Gurri are just a few names among the many people To which we must today thank him, wherever he may be, for having dedicated his life and talent to the creative process, often exhausting and almost always undervalued radio.

Thanks to them, 26, with ups and downs, has remained in the hearts of listeners, even though the lack of broadcast receivers, the proliferation of technologies and Internet and phenomena such as lack of stimuli and demotivation affect the processes Creative and the happy arrival of our programming to their homes.

But it is not this day to undress dirty sheets. Here I have learned to love a medium that is not essential but humble; That the problems are in ourselves, in our human miseries and as such we must solve them; That the most important thing is you, our listeners, who give us some of their time day by day and to give them back we work.

Many here have taught me that irreverence is also a quality when you make it available to defend something fair, that recognition must be earned by a stroke of respect, professionalism and commitment.

In the matancera plant I have witnessed the constancy and the efforts of many to make of ours a worthy program, at the height of the new times and of our listeners; Of the precision with which the operators musicalize, record, edit; Of journalistic coverage that adds to all the stations of the provincial system to create a kind of information shield that made us feel satisfied because, as always, the radio arrived timely in all corners; Also here I have witnessed the delivery of announcers, directors, technicians and a team of more than one hundred workers depending on whether you return home each day to these tunes.

Radio 26 is like a school. I feel comfortable here; Although many wait only to open the doors to leave, I prefer to be part of the solution and dedicate myself to the profession I love, with the best contribution I can offer and my most positive wishes. I also discovered that in this place: the peace of knowing that at least I try to be useful, despite the setbacks.

Maybe in ten years the winds take me to other places, but now this is where I belong because, although there are those who do not see it this way, this building, which it represents, means more than the four walls in Which support its foundations. And, I confess, I would not really know how to leave my house.



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