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Pioneers of Seguidores de Camilo y Che elementary school evoke the Heroic Guerrilla

Gloria Machado León 8 octubre, 2016
Into the route of Martí, with the guidance of Fidel, for the Fatherland and Socialism, Moncadistas … always ready. » With their little voices of 89 children from the Seguidores de Cmilo y Che Elementary School from Matanzas city repeated the student engagement in the context of the ceremony held on Friday for the blue neckerchief that identifies them as members of the Jose Marti Pioneers Organization (OPJM).

On this occasion the spirit and energy of the heroic guerrilla surfaced more strongly among students and teachers of the school who won the seat of the national act of joining the Pioneers organization, which was attended by officials of the Party, the Government, the Directorate of Education, the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and OPJM of the province and the head area.

«Now I’m a big boy, I will be responsible, studious, able to participate in more activities and follow the example of Che» -expresó with smiling and happy Yenliet Gómez de la Fe, who face charge of the public reading of the commitments moncadistas new pioneers.

His joy it also share the other first graders, their parents, grandparents and relatives who felt the pride of knotting on the chest of her little blue bandanas, traditional family event that happens on this date in every corner of the country and encourages school-community link.

The solemn passage of the flags, danzarias expressions, allegorical songs to the event and a speech recorded by the leader of the Cuban Revolution were part of the morning gala also timely to leave inaugurated the Camilo-Che traditional ideological celebration,  who until 28 October will pay tribute to two great guides of the new generations.

Yanara Concepción Dominguez, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the UJC, said the commitment of the youth organization with such an important process of OPJM and congratulated the school for the job held with the pioneers and the results in all areas.

With similar ceremonies, more than eight thousand first graders in the province of Matanzas gathered in their schools and distinctive places in each municipality to receive from the hands of their parents and teachers attribute the Pioneers.

They light up Che

The massive night cantata around the illuminated face of the Heroic Guerrilla is one of the traditional activities carried out on the eve of October 8th pioneers and teachers of Seguidores de Camilo y Che primary school, located in the neighborhood of Naranjal, the cMatanzas apital.

A few hours fulfilled 49 years of his death in combat quotes around the school a broad representation of pioneers, parents, teachers and representatives of the mass organizations of the community gave to evoke who becomes global symbol as caring man and revolutionary.

The original initiative, part of the inaugural program of the Camilo -Che day in the educational institution, also included a choir with Latin American songs, poems and a speech recorded the Heroic Guerrilla.

Amarilys Hernandez, school principal, said excited at the immortal image of Che that «this day of special significance, for the current school year’s priorities include working with our country’s history, encouraging more love symbols and respect the heroes and martyrs.

«Our duty is to prepare for the future and to tell them of Che must conversarles of Ernestico and how we want a child of that age, they begin to take responsibility for their homework, take care of nursery school, their pet in the house, to be in solidarity … «and stressed the commitment of the pioneers in the political and ideological.

This October 8th mark on Matanzas territory, as throughout Cuba, the beginning of the Camilo-Che day, which will run until 28 the next, and in which context multiple activities will be conducted in schools and workplaces.

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