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Union de Reyes guarantee the welfare of elderly people

Gloria Machado León 25 agosto, 2016

«Here I feel wonderful. We have many amenities. Everything is cute, the attention they give us is very big. The food is excellent, which I have in my house.

«I spend a busy day. We choose beans, rice; dominoes game; whether to dance, dance; we made crafts. Doctors at the clinic treat us, do exercises in the morning, we received educational talks. «

Moraima Fragela Alfonso now 80 years old. He has worked all life, was a strong, enterprising woman who is worth itself. But time, our best thermometer, has already made theirs in this invincible woman. Today, she is a partner of the House of Grandparents Juan Gualberto Gómez.

On the functioning of the House of the People’s Council says Mildrey Pérez González, his manager.

«We provide various services, including comprehensive rehabilitation bio-psycho-social; We do morning; health promotion … In this case the nurse and the doctor the doctor’s visit our home area, take the pressure and perform other checks grandparents. Here possible disabilities are provided, they perform physical exercises, occupational therapy.

«There are also recreational and cultural programs to celebrate significant dates, such as the Day of Love and Friendship, the elderly and the quarterly celebrate birthdays grandparents.

«Intergenerational Meetings are organized between several houses. Here take place some recreational institutions, say the House of Culture, cinema, Inder and the public library to prepare activities for them.

«The Grandparents House is daytime, from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Saturday. They service breakfast, lunch, two snacks and food. «

This system operates in the city of Union de Reyes. Eduardo Fernandez Alvarez, municipal director of health in the territory explains the matter.

«At the municipal level we have an action plan to work together with the areas of Health in what is change the quality of life of our elderly.

«They are inserted into three houses in the villages of Grandparents Juan Gualberto Gómez, Alacranes and Cabezas. The three homes that we have here in the territory are complete for full capacity, which is 20 grandpas.

«Our mission is to insert them into society and the system of the Houses of Grandparents. We followed with our nutritionists. Liabilities games keep them active neurologically. They are elderly who are not separated from society and active. «

People linked to semiboarding enter a monthly fee of 20 cup for the service provided to them. The Ministry of Economy and Planning is involved in a study to analyze the payment capacity of each and in this regard work to fully subsidize those who are homeless, or increase the amount to their families are better off.

As reported by Fernandez Alvarez, was added to the plan of the economy Grandparents start a house in the county seat, work is underway and is expected to be completed in the next October.

He also added that the homes of Alacranes and Juan Gualberto Gomez were recently remodeled and forecast repaired before December Cabezas.

In order to ensure a better old age to its people, cultural institutions, sport and health in the territory work more vera, especially if one takes into account that Union de Reyes and is the most aged of the province and the third level country.



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