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First homage to Martí

Gloria Machado León 27 diciembre, 2013

José Martí ‘s fall in his first match was larger tragedy suffered by the Revolution of 1895 and as reflected in the following years , especially in the establishment of the Republic . It was not until 1959 that his greatest disciple , Fidel Castro, could implement the ideas of the Apostle to create a republic » with all and for the good of all .»

That tragic May 19, 1895 shattered the foundations of the ideas put into practice after the victory : no more lucid thought to drive the process .

Máximo Gómez and other Cuban leaders present at the catastrophe and had a devastating effect even when the body was in the hands of the enemies . Not known for inmediatoel exact crash site and was necessary to locate the place and preserve it for future generations.

This led in September 1895 the President of the Governing Council , Salvador Cisneros Betancourt, ordered Brigadier General of Dominican nationality Loynaz Enrique del Castillo, find where Marti fell and point . Loynaz a mighty tree stands as an eternal symbol. A year later Maximo Gomez and Calixto García in front of his troops, a mound of stones erected as an obelisk on the site, August 9, 1896 .

The first major tribute to the Apostle gave it Matanzas when the December 29, 1898 , still under the Spanish name, the Borough Council unanimously agreed Hato Nuevo appoint Martí territory , as an eternal symbol of sovereignty and the town of Itabo Lacret call it , in salute to General Lacret Morlot , first head of the Liberation Army of the province.

Then came other tributes, but the story points out with pride that was here in Matanzas province, where he paid tribute to our first immortal maestro José Martí and Pérez .

Written by Dr. of Historical Sciences Arnaldo Jiménez de la Cal

Original text by Radio26 Redaction on December 27th, 2013

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