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The Lira Matancera Band: wearing for 90 years «the custume of Sonora»

Gloria Machado León 9 diciembre, 2013

In the 30s of the last century , long way ago , members of the Lira Matancera marched into Havana after the success . Then they recorded their first album, but near the end of the fifties returned home from here to establish itself as » the dean of the sets on the island».

It emerged in May 1924 , in the San Francisco street of the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood . Since that time several generations of musicians have joined , including Marrero is located, who has gone on , in part, its significance .

It was the first country to interact with a symphony orchestra, it had among its arrangers to Perez Prado and shared the stage with Benny.

Now about to celebrate his ninetieth birthday, Lira truly reaffirms Matanzas and forward details of the celebrations in your city.

» On this occasion we will stand with an older sound of Cuba , La Gloria ,» says trumpeter Carmelo Marrero, its director. «Our creation date back to May, but we want to celebrate in November the purposely Rafael Somovilla In Memoriam » .

Follower of the house of his father Ildefonso , pianist and set leader between 1958 and 1970 , admits commitment Carmelo the inheritance .
» Suman 54 years of work, where every day was marked challenges to maintain and enrich it. Today I talk about a musical is essential for those who defend the authenticity of our family repertoire .

» Never abandon what identifies us . This does not mean that we stay out of tone or creative reality of these times , but instead interact with other modes do. For example , versionamos item has to be in to ‘ , the troubadour Tony Cardenas Avila.

» And is that from the beginning have been linked to other genres like the rumba. Such has been the narrowness with it in almost all of our albums is perceived , from the first of them I am the rumba, Perez Prado, described as the first orchestrated rumba, even in the most recent with new topics or reinterpretations .

«In 1984 we accompanied the Symphony Orchestra of Matanzas, an atypical binding to the musical context of the time , later we joined The Muñequitos and right now we are working on a number with a strong presence of rock and rock, Frank Domínguez , for spice with the group Sound Blast Profile. »

Like this  Carmelo Marrero concludes , just before starting one of his presentations , which began this time with Toad ‘s Tale , an issue still debated whether or not the first Perez Prado mambo who immortalized the genre around the world.

Undoubtedly , the chief characteristic of this long-lived Matanzas grouping does not renounce his «white noise » made by its first arrangers . Wearing it from time to time and looks around to try and contemporaneizar , while defending their own sound.

For more information on Sonora Lira Matancera visit this site :


Original text by Jenny Hernández Suárez on December 9th, 2013

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