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Monthly Archives: julio 2013


The People’s Power Provincial Assembly studied the achievements of Matanzas´s Economy

Gloria Machado León 23 julio, 2013

“The battle against crime, corruption and social indiscipline has to be fought in urban and rural communities, in our neighborhoods, and even in our own very streets. This is the only way we could have success when facing this problem and at the same time we will be accomplishing the invoke of our President of the Council of States and Ministers, Army General Raul Castro Ruz”


AIDS and crazy life

Gloria Machado León 17 julio, 2013

The happiness and dissolute behavior of young people that characterize summer will achieve its greatest splendor just at the end of the academic year when excursions increase and hormone disorder excites the physical attraction. Then, reasoning needs to prevail over the ecstasy and the crazy life with no intention of stopping the pleasure, but without forgetting the magic word; protection.

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